So you found a drool-worthy buyer that you'd love to get a meeting with...

Now how do you hook 'em?!

Our first deal in 2024 was nearly six figures with the C-Suite of a 6B+ revenue client for LinkedIn Executive Branding. It took 13 MINUTES of prospecting over the course of a month, one 30-min call, a proposal, a second 30-minute call, some red lines, and a close. Why and how did it close so quickly? Because we took the road less traveled and found the lane where no one was competing: our buyers' LinkedIn posts. **Please note that you must have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator license in order to use this playbook effectively.**

Why Sam McKenna?

Her LinkedIn Experience Is Unparalleled

Sam holds an unparalleled amount of distinctions as a LinkedIn expert, including being one of few people named as a Top Voice on LinkedIn, as a brand ambassador, and as a LinkedIn Insider, she has also been creating content since 2011, been an influencer on the platform since 2016, and is a former Enterprise sales executive leader for LinkedIn's Sales Navigator division.