• 1

    Should I Purchase LinkedIn for Lawyers?

    • Why Should I Purchase LinkedIn for Lawyers?

  • 2

    LinkedIn For Lawyers - The Basics

    • Why Should I Even Be on LinkedIn?

    • Let's Start With Your Headline

    • Something To Talk About

    • Recommendations

    • How To Change Your Headline, Picture and Visibility

    • Accomplishments - Listing Your Publications, Honors, and Awards

    • Accomplishments - Languages, Patents, Oh My!

    • Volunteer Experience

    • Top Tips for Your Experience Section + How To Properly Update Your New Job

    • How To Build Your Network - Your Network Is Your Net Worth

    • Networking - Do I Have to Accept Every LinkedIn Invite I Receive?

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    Posting Content

    • Posting Content - Why This Matters

    • The Two Types of Content Worth Posting for Lawyers + Frequency of Posting

    • Let's Talk About Thought Leadership Posts

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    #samsales Content Posting Hacks

    • How To Get Past the Algorithm

    • How Many Comments = Maximum Exposure

    • Do Conversations in My Comments Get Me Better Exposure?

    • Formatting, Emojis, and Hashtags - Oh My!

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    Engagement With Others 101

    • The Basics of How to Engage with LinkedIn Posts

    • How to Find Posts Made by Your Key Clients and Prospective Clients

    • What Should You Write in the Comments + Reaching Four Distinct Audiences With a Single Comment

    • Whose Posts Should I Comment On?

    • How and Why Should I Tag People In the Comments?