Heather MacDonald

"I recently posted on LinkedIn and then read Sam's advice on the better way to do so. I started the same post over again and immediately saw views and interactions that were exponentially higher than the first post! If you want to learn all about the algorithm and how to maximize your posting strategy, the LinkedIn Masterclass #samshorts is what you need!"
    1. Getting To Know Sam McKenna

    2. The Importance Of Your LinkedIn Profile + Nailing Your Headshot

    3. Don't Fall For This Headshot Settings Trap!

    4. Above The Fold: LinkedIn Background Banner

    5. Above The Fold: Your Headline - "What Would You Say You Do Here?"

    6. Above The Fold Bonus: Your City

    7. Above The Fold: Where Did You Go To School?

    8. Above The Fold - Ring That Bell

    9. Below The Fold: Featured Section

    10. Below The Fold: The Mechanics Of Writing A Killer "About" Section

    11. Accomplishments

    12. What Is Creator Mode?

    13. The Ins And Outs Of Your Experience Section

    14. Certifications, Volunteering, and Endorsements - Do They Matter?

    15. Recommendations - Ugh, Do I Have To? (Pssst, yes, you have to!)

    16. Building Your Network

    17. What To Say In Your Connection Requests

    18. Do I Have To Accept Every Connection Request?

    19. Content - Why Even Post?

    20. Content - Consistency And Engaging Your Personal Audience

    21. Content - The Exponential Reach Of Just One Post

    22. Content - Types To Post

    23. Content - Types To Post II

    24. Content - Not Professional Content

    25. Content - Frequency And Timing

    26. Content - Hashtags

    27. Algorithm - Links

    28. Algorithm - "...see more"

    29. Algorithm - Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

    30. Building A Brand - Who Is Your Audience?

    31. Building A Brand - Don't Chase VP Titles

    32. Building A Brand - Network I

    33. Building A Brand - Network II

    34. How Do I Use LinkedIn To Find A Job?

    35. Tagging on LinkedIn

About this course

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  • 35 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Why Sam McKenna?

Her LinkedIn Expertise Is Unparalleled

Sam holds an unparalleled amount of distinctions as a LinkedIn expert, including being one of few people named as a Top Voice on LinkedIn, as a brand ambassador, and as a LinkedIn Insider, she has also been creating content since 2011, been an influencer on the platform since 2016, and is a former Enterprise sales executive leader for LinkedIn's Sales Navigator division.