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"LinkedIn Sales Navigator #samshorts is the gift that keeps on giving! Utilizing and understanding all the ins and outs of LI seemed daunting to me. Through these shorts I have been able to understand how to properly leverage LinkedIn. One of the things I learned about is the Smartlinks feature. It gives you the ability to add content (PDFs, videos, proposals...) and track the analytics on it! What a great piece of knowledge to know! Relationship and connection bleeds through all of #samshorts content even when she is talking about the tactical aspects of LI."
    1. Introduction to LISN

    1. TeamLinkExtend

    2. Uncovering Connections

    3. Ask For An Intro Internally

    4. Executive Power Hours

    5. SmartLinks - Track Everything!

    6. Saved Search Hack 1

    7. Saved Search Hack 2

    8. Saved Search Hack 3

    9. Saved Search Hack 4

    10. Who Knows Whom

    11. Hitting Quota By Monitoring Job Changes

    12. Leveraging Company Alumni

    13. Have My Buyers Worked For My Previous Employers?

    14. Past Company = My Best Clients

    15. Top 50 Prospects List

    16. Profile Views - The Navigator Advantage + Why It Matters

    17. Saving Leads - Secret Sleuthing! - How + Why It Matters

    18. Alerts - Leads

    19. Alerts - Accounts

    20. Alerts - The Types and How To Use Them To Sell

    21. LISN Inbox

    22. Lead Lists - Sure, You Can Build One, But Here's How You USE One

    23. SMYKM Hack - Series A + Series B Companies

    24. Recommended Leads - How Sam Has Used This Forgotten Tactic to Close Monster Deals

    25. Buyers That Follow Your Company On LinkedIn

    26. Current Company - Territory - Show Me Team Link

    27. Past Company - Existing Client - Territory

    28. Saved Search - Land And Expand - Your Champions

    29. TeamLink Extend - Leverage Your Company's Network

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Why Sam McKenna?

Her LinkedIn Expertise Is Unparalleled

Sam holds an unparalleled amount of distinctions as a LinkedIn expert, including being one of few people named as a Top Voice on LinkedIn, as a brand ambassador, and as a LinkedIn Insider, she has also been creating content since 2011, been an influencer on the platform since 2016, and is a former Enterprise sales executive leader for LinkedIn's Sales Navigator division.