What's included in this playbook?

We continue to see messaging fail for the same reasons. That's why we created this playbook - to help you find your "why" 'and connect with the buyer from your first point of outreach until the final call to action!

  • The ideal framework for your sales emails

  • Day by day cadence outline including emails/calls/social touches

  • How and when to nurture and break up effectively

  • PLUS dozens of sample templates that you can adapt

Drew Dickelman

Business Development Lead

I booked a meeting with the VP of Treasury of a $5 billion company all thanks to #SMYKM and the #samsales Sequence Playbook! He responded in 4 MINUTES from the FIRST email!

Founder and CEO


#samsales has examined and reshaped our outreach-and-messaging approach to both show our expertise and to have the prospects discover why they need it, want it, can't live without it. The result - after only a few months - has been record-breaking, multi-year deals, and a trajectory to have the best year in company history!